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Quick advancement in technology is making human lives easier,  Digital Business Card is such a facility that makes the process of contacting you easier for other people. Spread of Covid-19 virus is making drastic change in the way we live on this planet. More and more businesses are using online platforms to minimize people to people contact.

You may download the Digital Business Card to you mobile phone and check the functionality before ordering it.

GoldenBee Communications now provide such Digital Business Card for only Rs 500/- (Five hundred only). Download sample Digital Business card to your mobile phone and contact us in case you want to make a similar card for you.  You may use our Digital Business Card to contact.

Digital Marketing


GoldenBee Communications – Vision & Mission


Excellence in communication design
to send out the best message,
leading to prosperity


Provide the best communication solution
cost-effectively through appropriate media with accountability, responsibility and sustainability

how we are different

About GoldenBee

Bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet by the Earthwatch Institute.
Bees help in pollination and allow the plants to reproduce. It is scientifically confirmed bees are the only living being who does not carry any type of pathogen.  Bees represent Connection, Growth & Sustainability.
These are the same core values of GoldenBee Communications as well.
We believe in communication for sustainable growth and produces creative communication solutions that are scientific and powerful.

GoldenBee - Introduction

Connecting the latest trends in technology and creativity to make effective, powerful and sustainable communication solutions.Harnessing the power of data analytics and digital media we place your communications strategically and cost-effectively for maximum effective reach.Contact us for Website designing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Advertisiments, Print designs.


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Website design, Books, Magazines Brochures, Flyers design, Logo design, Branding etc.

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