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Digital Business Card

Quick advancement in technology is making human lives easier,  Digital Business Card is such a facility that makes the process of contacting you easier for other people. The spread of Covid-19 virus is making a drastic change in the way we live on this planet. More and more businesses are using online platforms to minimize people to people contact.

Digital business cards help people to contact you just in one touch on them. Instead of looking at a printed business card and dialling, people can now call on your phone by just one-touch on a Digital Business Card (E-Business Card). This in-fact is a connecting bridge to your business world.

Your customers can save your contact details into their address list with a single touch on this Digital Business Card. Google maps will guide them to your business premises. Your websites and all social media pages are also connected to the fingertips of the visitors.

You can share this Digital Business Card by Email or WhatsApp. Also, you can store it in your Google Drive and send the link by SMS.

GoldenBee Communications now providing Digital Business Card for only Rs 500/- now. You can download sample Digital Business Card to your phone and test its functionality.  You can also use our Digital Business Card to contact us.

You may also see some of the sample designs of Digital Business Card below. Please choose the first three options you like and mention it in the remarks area of Google Form whereby you can submit your details, this will enable us to give you the best of our services. You can make the payment after receiving your Digital Business Card.

You can download the sample Digital Business Card to your mobile phone and experience its full functionality.

See How it works

How to order your Digital Business Card

1. See how it works by downloading the sample to your mobile phone.

2, See sample designs and choose the one you liked.

3. Fill the Google Form

4. Send your company logo in EPS or PDF format & your photograph (If required)

5. Make payment after you receive your Digital Business Card

Sample Designs

Please submit your details to the google form, so that we can get the information required to make your Digital Business Card. Submit Google Form button leads you to google forms page, also you have to fill in the embedded form below. After submitting the google form please do send your company logo in EPS or PDF format and your photograph (if you prefer you photo to appear on Digital Business Card)  to

Submit Information to order!

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